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7th stop: Lisbon, Portugal pt. 3 - Catching waves, boogie, beachposes and Praia Pequena & Praia Grande
Lisbon is among other things known as “cidade das sete colinas” (city of the seven hills) since it originally was was built over seven hills.

All the up and down hill roads means that biking around, like back home in CPH, isn’t really an easy option. 
Going by public transportation is all right since the transport infrastructure is pretty functional. But going to more deserted/vacant beaches outside Lisbon is troubled without a car.   

Lucky for us Sergio & João took us around in car to many places we probably wouldn’t have seen if we were by ourselves, as for instance the vacant beaches, small cities, beautiful views, local shops, clubs/bars and not to mention real Portuguese homes.
The fact that we got into conversation with them back in Barcelona at that random hostel was really a determining factor for our tremendous impression of Portugal and honestly we can’t thank them enough!
I’m currently dreaming of going back to Portugal at some point with a bunch of friends, rent a car and surfboards and work our way along the coast from north to south. Could be mad thrill! 

Praia Pequena

Praia Grande
At first I couldn't stop making a little fun (trying to be polite at the same time) of their body boards, since I surfed at "real surfboards" in Brazil and El Salvador and there has and always will be a beef going on between these two types of surfing.
But the guys were good at arguing and they're actually right in saying that you will have fun much faster from doing body boarding. When learning how to surf it's really difficult and takes a lot of time, practise and energy to "break through" and actually start catching some real waves and not just the "white wash".
And if you don’t have the time, the energy or the environment near you, body boarding is just a really good and faster way of catching some waves and actually have fun with it, which all kinds of surfing should be about: Having fun! 

The water in Portugal is freezing, not compared to DK, but you still have to wear a wetsuit when surfing. It sucks for all the dudes and girls that are watching each other surf, no wet, tanned skin to get distracted by..
I'm more into the surf shorts and top kind of thing. But at least you don't get scratches and brushes all over your body... but that's also part of the surf culture. I don't like wetsuits haha.   
Loving the beach poses!

Crowded wave

Only Brazilian and Portuguese guys knows how to do a prober ball joggle at the beach and
ONLY Brazilian and Portuguese guys stands staring and obviously admiring or hating at each other. Man, we had our laughs! 

 Our black ride that took us to so many awesome places!
Praia Pequena high tide
// there are mooore parts coming up!

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