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7th stop: Lisbon, Portugal pt. 2 - words on confusing language challenges and general thoughts
The first day in Lisbon we went straight from our hostel to Praça do Comercio, located in
Baixa Pombalina in the city center of Lisbon. Situated near the Tagus River.
We were totally destroyed by the lack of sleep from the horrible night train from Madrid. We didn’t even had the energy to ask for any tourist advises we just went out and hoped we would hit the water at some point.
If a city is located near water I always head to the water, or to places located with higher altitude where you get and overview of the city, as the first thing. I use the rivers or oceans to navigate. If I get lost I would always know how to get back if I find the water. Don’t know if it makes any sense but it works for me.

 The Tagus River and the 25 de Abril Bridge in the far back 

 Such a beautiful first day we was greeted with

We sat there by the river and stared for a little while, trying to comprehend that we once again were in a different country and a different culture.
A new thing for me was that I understood, more or less, all the small talk going on around me.
Because my level of Portuguese isn’t fluently (yet) (and an other thing is that I learned the Brazilian Portuguese), it’s hard for me to filter the useful and useless information that passes my curious ears. Therefore it was tiring for my brain since it constantly got distracted and tried to pick up the substance of conversations around me.
A side effect was that it made the level of complexity, in all the languages I speak, quite lower. The only way out of my "languages clashes" was to stop being scared about making mistakes and just practice my way out of it. Which also is the main reason for my English writing here on the blog. 
Anyway it sounds like it was a bad thing and it was hard on me, but the truth is that I absolutely loved the language challenge!
Praça do Comércio / Terreiro do Paço

 Miradouro da Graça - These pictures are not from our first day, but is here just to show one of the overview points we went to. This time with João.

// pt. 3 beaaach time coming up!

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