søndag den 13. oktober 2013

6th stop: Madrid, Spain.

At Tailors Hostel in Barcelona we were lucky to meet two awesome Portuguese guys, Sergio and João, whom quickly became our friends. The first night we spend hours of talking about what we needed to see and experience in the final country of our interrail trip.
Eventually they offered us a car ride from Barcelona to Madrid.
While considering, we thought “that’s exactly what interrailing is about”; meeting people from all around, expand your horizon from it, go with the flow, take chances and hopefully ‘win’ good experiences, try and follow your first intuition.
Our intuition was good and therefore we said yes. They could have stolen our kidneys, but luckily we had the best time crossing the Spanish land.  

We spent our days in Madrid walking around in the streets and parks, eating frozen yoghurt and tapas. We just had a pretty chilled time, which the few pictures probably tell.   
From Madrid we took a night train to Portugal and that trip was the last and the worst of all!
So much waiting, total lack of sleep and the fact that my seat was turned into a swimming pool full of sweat from a man who sad there before me, didn't really do any better.
But we got to Lisbon, and we fell in love at first eye glance!

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