tirsdag den 1. oktober 2013

5th stop: Barcelona, Catalonya pt. 1

After a really stressful train trip, with a lot of changing in both France and Spain, we made it really late in the evening to one of our favourite stops on the travel, Baaaarceloonaa.
Most people now a days have already visited this beautiful city and for those who haven't; you should go right away!
The city provides basically everything: great food, nice weather, beach, palms, especially for the ladies: skaters and hawt boys in general, cool and vibrant nightlife, sightseeing, a great art and music scene, street culture, the best soccer team and just a really easy-going vibe wherever you go.

We had such an awesome time staying at Tailor's hostel in Barca. Here we got to know a lot of cool people who we’re luckily still in contact with after we returned to home.

 Park Güell gives a beautiful overview of the city


The only “but” there is about Barcelona is all the tourists...
They. Are. Everywhere.
But who am I to blaim. I’m also that annoying tourist standing in the way of a great pictures somebody else wanted to take. So instead of getting annoyed we found our inner
and captured the outer madness.  

Bacelona Catalonya pt. 2 coming up..

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