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4th stop: Nice, Monaco and Cannes, Cote d'Azur - South France.

The entries from the inter-rail trip will last for ever haha. I picked up university, work, capoeira and my social life again here at home and that means less time at the computer.
Due to that I realized I have quite lot to do and not enough time so the pictures in will continue to be delayed. Feels like I'm reliving the travel in cold ass September, soon to be, October.

I skipped a post from Milan, Italy. Not because we didn't enjoy it(we did very much indeed) but the resolution of pictures from there are really bad(still just a happy photo-enthusiast) so I decided to jump right to South France.
Just to say a few words about Milan; we loved the city! Ofc it's totally different from the "small", charming italian cities like Siena, Radicondoli and Firenze, but as a big city with a high business pulse we found it's quite and charming sides as well.
Duomo de Milan is AMAZING. You are able to walk at the roof of the cathedral and it literally feels like you are walking in heaven.  
The milanese people are really helpful. An example would be that we didn't spend a dime on accommodation. The hostel we wanted to stay in was fully booked, but instead of letting us out on the street they let us stay for free in their couches in a common room. 
That let to some awkward and funny interactions with some local italian men.. But as you say the misfortune may, however, offer opportunities for positive actions - we bought limited sneakers for our saved money! 

Anyway, this is Nice. Our first glance at the ocean at the trip. Oh boy that was good. Actually that was the best about Cote d'Azur which we find too touristed, flashy and kinda boring to us. 

It's almost all private (owned by the hotels), stone beaches around Nice which makes it really uncomfortable to lay down, but at least it made the water look pretty.. 
Close to dying from heat we finally found a place where we could jump in from the rocks. Mie looks like a nymph here - while enjoying the salty water we also enjoyed the company of 20 hespanic transgendered "women" having a blast of a barbecue. 
While people are traveling from far away to Cote d'Azur to flash their money in either champagne, designer clothes or the worlds most expensive cars, there are still people living in the streets.. Contrasts. 
There fore I also felt a little sick of myself from being there. Walking the streets staring at the Monte Carlo Casino, when I actually don't give shit about spending money in those kind of ways... Not at all interesting or giving in any way. 
Don't get me wrong. I wish for economic wealth, but with the only pursuit of being able to do things like traveling and expand my "horizon", to feed my future kids with ecologic food and give them the best prerequisites in life.  

Luckily Mie totally agreed so we quickly threw away the croissants and grabbed our bagpacks - and was ready to hit the apple of Spain's eye, Barcelona!  

- a few Instagram pictures was taken as well 

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