søndag den 15. september 2013

Second stop: Siena/Tuscany, Italy

After our days in Firenze we went south to a place up in the tuscan hills near Siena to visit some family friends, Kim and Anjori. They live and work at Institute for Meditation and Personal Growth  and community called Osho Miasto, and here we had the pleasure to stay and sway for two calm days.
At Osho Miasto we were surrounded by people that are living there, for a X amount of time, to evolve individual as a human being (It all sounds really hippie, but I'm into that peace and love kind of thing, and find it giving to reflect about it in our life).
There are for example giving classes about personal growth, body awareness, arts, healing and meditation. It's hard not to get affected (in a good way - like we didn't focus on anything material or having negative thoughts that was connected to things outside Osho Miasto) by the energy that this place accommodates. 
In the "backyard" of Osho Miasto we explored a beautiful stonepark named "Dreamwoods" that's hidden in the forrest.
The man, Deva Manfredo, who makes the exhibition is an incredible interesting human being - google him to see more of his work or to read about his principles -  everyone should definitely go and see it for yourself.    

He just started to do sculptures made with pure crystal as well

Tuscany we'll be back! 

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