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Book release: "Gadens Hårdeste Hævn", Næstved

Here is a little break from the traveling photos. These were all taken this sunday at the release of the book "Gadens Hårdeste Hævn".

Due to my deepest respect for the project and the people behind it, its intimidating for me to write words about it and I was close to only bringing the pictures.
On the other hand I also feel the need to share the story, the happiness, the praise of creative minds that makes our everyday life a little more magical, even if my english is shaky and it's hard for me to put it all in words. 

The book Gadens Hårdeste Hævn is a physical product of a project that runs right now in Næstved created by a long list of rad artists.
Gadens Hårdeste Hævn (GHH) is as story made by Steen Koerner who describes it as a fairytale about love and about making the right decisions in life. The story is told with graffiti, painted by CMPone and SWET, at different walls around the city.
An QR-code is placed near the pieces and if you scan it you'll get to hear the story told by the danish actor/musician Karl Bille in rhymes/street-poetry written by the danish MC Clemens.  

It was a really happy and emotional day for many, not just me being the sentimental person I am, but also for CMP, who is one of the grown ups I admire the most, + the massive crew behind every inches and the phases around the creation of GHH. 

The project is the first of its kind and even The (non-hiphop) Danish Minister of Culture, Marianne Jelved, showed up and made a speech about GHH and Næstved as being one of the cultural pearls in Denmark.  

I could continue to try and express my gratitude and also praise all these people and the fact that I in some ways are a product of their eternal will to create a freaking awesome town that really wants to provide the best prerequisites for its future grown ups. 
In stead I'll bring you some of the pictures from the awesome day! 

CMPone // SWET // Steen Koerner // Clemens // Karl Bille // Phase 5 // BigCityBrains // Næstved Ungdomsskole// Næstved, "Næver", 47' op i den!!!! 
Peace and light.
Lilbro Lux
Swet, Topper, Steen Koerner

First stop and glance of one of the walls in GHH 


Homeboy MC Emil

Swet, Phase 5, CMPone, Peter Skensved and Philip Johnsen // BigCityBrains

Homeboay Thaifrede

The Danish Minister of Culture, Marianne Jelved

Phase 5 and the grand maaasta CMPone

// Lige ud af Næstved ikke af betonen, det er der jeg er født og vokset op// 

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