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First stop: Florence / Firenze, Italy. p1.

So as some of you already know, in August I've been interrailing in South Europe with my dear, dear guurl friend Mie. We decided to go straight to Florence from CPH, and that took us a little less than 24h. A long way, but we enjoyed it because we were prepared with a big load of patience. 
Florence is therefore our first stop and also the first entry on the blog from the trip, more will follow:) 
I took so many pictures during the whole trip, and since I'm a photo-blog-newbie I'm having a hard time deciding what pictures that goes up or not... Takes practice to be hardcore critical. 
Here goes a selection of snaps from the OH-so-amazing italian city, Firenze. 

I visited Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore - Duomo de Firenze, when I was a child and that memory stood clear in my mind. Such a beautiful creation. Since Mie haven't seen it, we just HAD to go. 
and we went there together with thousands of other tourists..   

Even though Firenze is full of tourists, and that includes us, we still enjoyed the city really much - The following Florence / Firenze, Italy pt 2. will bring you across the water inside Firenze and I'll be writing a few words about the atmosphere and how it feels to be grilled in 50 degrees!


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