mandag den 9. september 2013

First stop: Florence / Firenze, Italy. p2

If you visit Italy, you must go to Florence.
 We loved walking through the streets feeling like we was brought back to the "Florentine Renaissance". Some of the things we we're amazed by was the renaissance architecture and art, that warm italian/tuscan vibe, the authentic tasty italian food and vine, the extreme heat and the sun yellow housefacades. 
We stayed there 3 days and took us good time to experience.. and I we def. fell a little in love with Firenze's atmosphere.  

We had to stop and rest, and drink 1l of water every other 30min, due to the massive August heat! The best way to describe it was like an hairdryer blowing right in your face trying to melt it. I would always prefer to visit Firenze in april or may where the temperature doesn't bring you in to boil and the sky won't be grey because of the hovering smog.
I will never learn to like 50 degrees inside a city, that has no ocean. Both Mie and I found out that we could never settle down far from the ocean..  

Italy is nothing less but a food heaven. Everything you find here tastes so good. 
The fact that we bought this for 4eur at the market and ate it in an olivegrove made it all taste even better..  

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