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7th stop: Lisbon, Portugal pt. 1

LISBON, you deceased us!
From home we didn’t do any research about Lisbon or Portugal in general. We just had a wish of going there. Not sure why. To be sure that we would end up there and not get distracted on our way through EU, we bought a flight ticket going from Lisbon to Copenhagen. We defined Lisbon as our last stop on the interrail. 

Sergio and João told us about their city with proudness in their voices. Every person usually has a big affection for their home city and with that in mind we tried not to expect huge things of Lisbon. It seems like more Danes has visited Lisbon this summer than before, but I personally never heard too much about this city.
I don’t know if it was the low expectations or our general love for new places that made us fall in love with Lisbon, or if the city really is as great as we heard and we felt  – but the fact is that even months after we paid our first visit, we still feel our heart beat a liittle faster when thinking of the feeling we had when we where there.  
 I personally already returned again for a week and I’m seriously considering the possibility of living in Portugal at some point in life. Not just the capital of Portugal is awesome, it seems like the whole country has beautiful things to offer. It’s not to far from DK (family and friends), it’s EU the practical stuff is so easy, they speak the world’s finest language, Portuguese, the weather and hopefully I would turn into the surferchick I always wanted to be haha.

The pictures from Lisbon/Portugal are divided into several parts because Portugal is by far the country we photographed the most.
Parque Eduardo VII
Meet João Coelho. He is both handsome and kind and he will absolutely hate me for writing this because that is how he is. Forever humble.
The houses in Lisbon is so full of soul and I can't stop staring at them while walking in the streets.
To me they are beautiful, warm, colorful, I even find the once that are old and totally cracked up really charming.

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