onsdag den 2. oktober 2013

5th stop: Barcelona, Catalonya pt. 2

Besides going to the beach and seeing tourist attractions like Park Güell and La Sagrada Familia (no reason for pictures), we did a lot of walking around in the streets.
I really enjoy walking through a city instead of taking busses, subways or caps. I feel like it’s easy to loose your sense of direction and you won’t have clue where you’re at because you’re not observing your surroundings. It’s the best way to get to know a city.  
The second reason is that usually your unknown walking paths take you to the best places.
We passed small, charming alleys, walked through challenged ethnic areas, and saw beautiful graffiti pieces and street art. We also stumbled upon the famous skate spot MACBA that was pure luck for us since we haven’t done any research on specific skate spots (we totally should have done that). All this happened because we walked…

 You see more skateboards than bikes.. This guy is heading towards the MACBA spot.
 In love with these doors even though it's just ugly throwups


Though walking is great... This is what it does to your feet.... urgh 

Thaaank you Barcelona, we'll be back for sure. We owe you big time. 
Next entry shows our way from Barcelona to Madrid and the time we used there. We got an opportunity we couldn't let pass by so no train travel was needed when trying to reach our next stop on the interrail. Yay.

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