mandag den 11. november 2013

7th stop: Lisbon, Portugal pt. 4 - random shots from exploring the area 'Alfama'

I normally don't like to work with the label of being a tourist. But it hit me that I’m much more conscious about my surroundings when I am being a real tourist, or let’s call it ‘traveller’, than when I’m actually not. It’s not rocket science, but I haven’t thought too much about it until working on this post.
When travelling I’m in this new place with a purpose: to explore, to experience and sense as much as possible, environment, languages, sounds, traffic, smells…

I often forget chasing that feeling at home. I rush around at my bike between appointments and I forget to sense the vibe, 
hear what makes the noises or look after all those scenic spots I look for when traveling. It’s sad and I’ll see what I can do to act more like a traveler in my own soulful city, CPH.
Mie (note: damn I miss u!!!!) and I had some ‘tourist time’ to do all those kinds of stuff mentioned above and we spent it exploring one of the old areas in Lisbon, Alfama. 

// More to come - Visiting the south 'Algarve', Summerhouse, portraits and feel good vibes! 

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