onsdag den 27. november 2013

8th stop: Algarve, Portugal.

Though we easily could have stayed in Lisbon, we decided to go see a little more of Portugal. After a fun night out in Lisbon, with only one hour of sleep, we took a bus in the morning to go down south. More specific Lagos in Algarve. 
Our original plan was to live in Lagos, which is an (boooooring) touristed town and go to nearby Sagres to surf, since it should be one of the best surf spots in PT. 
But as we were there we realized that almost a month already had went by.. Our interrailing trip was lacking to its end, and we simply didn't had the time to dig into surfing with only two days to do with. 
Instead we explored the walking trails along the coastline, and enjoyed how beautiful our world is naturally created. Photographing this area was a bliss and pure serenity. 

Don't forget the sunscreen! 

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