tirsdag den 1. juli 2014

The beginning of something more personal

I started this blog with the purpose of mostly showing photography and tell the story around and behind the picture, situation or person who I am shooting....

"..... and here is a picture of food" - everyone thought.

Since I'm moving to Brasil/Rio de Janeiro very soon (counting 24 days today) to study half a year, I have lately felt the need to be able to use the blog more personally. To have a place where detailed stories, recommendations in the city, feelings or what ever it could be, can be shared with people who could have interest in reading/seeing. I'm thinking family that want's to know if I'm okay down there, friends who want's to see if my new friends are treating me right or other people that are considering doing exchange within their studies.. I'm pretty sure it won't continue after I get back to Denmark, but I just felt like explaining before it just happend without a *warning*, hah.

So here are the things that are going to be added:
- more   e v e r y d a y   situations
- p e r s o n a l  sharing
- texts in   d a n i s h 
- and the list probably shouldn't end  h e r e

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  1. Hey, A! I love your blog! :)

    Can't wait until you get here!