fredag den 25. april 2014

Portraits of people: Kasper Thomsen

Didn't plan to post these, but here is a quick post containing a few pictures from a shoot I did of my roommate and friend, Kasper Thomsen, for his personal website.
He's is currently studying at an undergraduate program of Journalism at University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and he is really good at what he's doing and always on the go.

I picked this set of pictures (that didn't make it to the website) because I like that some of them has a 'crooked' and 'flawed' expression to them. In the sense of showing self-adapters, weird angles, out of focus, flicking eyes, test-shots and so on, that you usually get loads of when shooting but never show.
Scroll below to see the rest.

Pictures were taken around inner Nørrebro in CPH with a Canon 5D Mark II
// Alona Vibe

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