onsdag den 19. marts 2014


"We were born to be free"

Just wanted to share some shoots that were taking during the past weekend when Floor Wars 2014 (an international dance event based around a 3 vs 3 breakdance / bboying battle) was on the program.

A really rough and overexposed picture from friday were a bunch of the competing crews (around 40 bboys) went to my beloved hometown, Næstved, to make a cypher (openfloor). The fact that the crews goes to Næstved the day before the event every year, is just mind-blowing cool. Hope this tradition will last many years! Its a great possibility to make friends and just feel the buzz of creativity flowing free.  

Skellet, Næstved. 

Following pics are taken during the final battles at Floor Wars in Vega, CPH. Here's to young shots, legends and this years winners! 


The mind-blowing b-boy Sunni from the winning crew Soul Mavericks (UK). 



Had the pleasure of spending some good hours during the floor wars days with these Vietnamese ninja boys. Better known as S.I.N.E. Crew. 
It's safe to say that S.I.N.E is Vietnam's best dance crew... Their repertoire of prizes is endless.
Just to name one of them, last year in december they won "GOT TO DANCE VIETNAM" which among the other prizes, made them preeeetty well known in Vietnam. 
S.I.N.E.'s slogan is "Saying Is Not Enough", you can't just talk that talk.. you got to walk that walk.  And that's exactly what they do. After CPH they went to Paris to tour. 
They are a crew of 8 awesome ambassadors of Vietnamese culture. A bomb of energy, good vibes, smiles and love for life and the people they meet on the way. It was absolutely inspiring to be around. 
Only the last day in their company I got to shoot a few pictures of them when they where just hanging around, not dancing their as*** of and it was fuuun.  
Stay fresh boays, thanks for this time!

Melon and  Caramel 




A warm goodbye to the danish people at Dansekapellet

- S.I.N.E CREW -
Tune, Melon, Caramel, Kien, Tuan, Slow, Redant, (missing craazy Linh). 

See nxt time! 

If interested in knowing more, check them out on Facebook where they frequently post videos, pictures, words to inspire etc.  https://www.facebook.com/Sinedance?fref=ts

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