mandag den 16. december 2013

The last interrail post for now

This post will be the last from the interrail trip with Mie. It means it will also be the end of this kind of traveling diary posts.
It's a buzzkill to make the last, since I made the posts last for around three months. I think the reason for that is a of mix between not really wanting to stop the instant flow of happy summer memories in my mind, but also due to a lot on my agenda here in DK. 
But the end of this reminds me of all the new travels and experiences that haven't even happened yet. 

Here's to an amazing travel!!!! Oh shit it was a freakin blast from start until the end!
Just to mention a few glorious moments: sleeping in dorms with three english boys throwing up everywhere, getting picked up by a "batmobileporsche" on our hitchhike thing in Cote d'Azur, delicious food in Italy, crazy old ladies that wanted us to live with her, sleeping in a sweaty couch for free in Milan, sneeeaaakers heaven mental stages, making new friends across country borders, awesome Barcelona and Lisbon partying, being welcomed and taking absolutely amazing care of by Sergio and João.. and the list is not even close to ending! 
I would def recommend anyone with an open mind to do an interrail. Even if you're not, then GO and get some perspective. Personally I'm not done traveling with a backpack and the feeling of material independence. The world is your playground, if you treat it right. 

Sooo, this last post is heavy loaded with pictures and especially portraits of my handsome and very missed two friends, João and Sergio, and my girl Mie.  

Sunset laughing on the porch 
Coelho, you beautiful human being 

Going to body board in the late afternoon

Thank you my dear for making me company and making me laugh everyday! 

Sergio, you're the best 

Surf, that's whats uuuuup! 

Old school tracksuitin'


We had a ball with this Portugal crew!


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