søndag den 15. december 2013

10th stop: Ericeira, Portugal pt. 1- Finishing this interrail off with beers, sunsets, surf and beach house partying!

We used the last couple of days of the interail with those good portuguese boys we had become friends with.
 We lived in João's house close to Ericeira beach and basically just listened to music and talked about, you know, the type of philosophical subjects that comes up when you are chilling in the sun with cold beverage in your hand. 
The sunsets were magical and created this soft, warm light. I took too many pictures. It always happens when I'm stoked by sunsets.
While I edited this post I thought about, how amazing isn't it that we have a sunrise and a sunset everyday, and yet the phenonomen is still so enchanted to us. Absolutely love that. 

Miss green leafs winter is definitely present in Denmark right now

And brown skin

and the want to cool off in a pool

Mie, you are such a babe

A sunset from there. Sergio and João told us that you never really can predict the weather in this little town, it's like there is this "mini-climate" (can't remember the word they used to describe it). When we where there most of the time we couldn't see the horizon because of some kind of a sea mist/fog. The next and last post will show it ever better. But I think the fog has something to do with the way the light is at dawn.    

The crew! 

..... Nobody ever dresses up anymore, so we did - and it was a blast! Haha

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