onsdag den 13. april 2016

NEW WEBSITE - www.alonavibe.com

Hey guys, 

It's been one year since the last post, and I'm amazed to see that people are still checking in here- BUT there has been made important changes:

After a lot of thinking, processing, conceptualizing, programming and a bit more of thinking, I decided to leave this blogspot blog behind and open up a new website:

It's a self-titled website that showcases my portfolio, commissions, description of what I do, how i do it and why I do it.

The blog
 www.alonavibe.com will also provide a section of a photo + word journal, which will be replacing this blog. But I will leave this blogspot.com open for the old stories to remain.
The new will contain stories and pictures, just like this one did, but it will do so in much higher quality and with higher ambitions. You can check out the journal/blog section here.

I decided to open up a new space, simply because I needed my site to be more professional and in-sync with my aesthetics preferences and where I am personally and professionally.
So expect of www.alonavibe.com to have a more complex and updated interface and design, and also a platform that FINALLY does not compress my photography. Oh boy how I have been looking forward to this!!

Will I see you?
I'm proud and happy of it and I hope you will like it!
Please let me know if something doesn't work, I want to make sure that you will like the change just as much as I do.

Thanks for following in here, see you over at:

See you over there - Peace and light! 

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