torsdag den 18. juli 2013

The early start - Behind the scenes with Kenneth Nguyen

Sooo.. I couldn't fight the feeling anymore and I finally made this blog. 
There are different reasons for this act, but mainly it's because I'm surrounded by good
 people who all encouraged me to create this creative platform to share my things. I thank you for that.
My blog's focus is primarily my photography and my artwork.   
Hope this challenge will help me to evolve. 
Feel free to stay and swaaay inside my little world of creativity. 

Peace and light
 // Alona Vibe 

Since I've moved to Copenhagen last year, I've ofc met a lot of new peeps. One of the most inspiring persons I've met is, without a doubt, the always lovely Kenneth Nguyen
We met pretty randomly and what a luck that was!! From the first day he took me into his world of photography, gave me feedback, responded me with long explanations if I had questions about a photo - just as he does with every person who asks him. 
He being one of the persons that encouraged me to create the blog, goes well with he being featured in the first entry here. 

Last week I went out with Kenneth to explore CPH, but also to practice using the manual function on my camera. Here are some pics from behind the scenes of K. working on his POV urban exploration project. Sometimes it was kinda nervewreckin to witness him jumping around at things no one really should even think about standing at... Deff lookin forward to see the final movie! U should too :)     

It was crazy fun and very giving to photograph Kenneth at spots where he already did some photos himself - though mostly for Instagram. See him working is like taking a itty bitty peek into his mind and way of thinking. It won't be the last time I'm sneaking around with him trying to learn.  

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